Organic Oils: Why to Choose Them Over Conventional & Non-organic Oils?

With the change in the environmental conditions and the deterioration of the habitat, it is better to probably look for organic options whether it is about buying fruits & vegetables or about choosing your favorite essential oils as it is indeed a fact that essential oils are highly concentrated liquids, and in this concentration, pesticides […]

10 Best-Selling Organic Hydrosols to Pamper Skin Naturally in Winter 2020!!

So, it time to pack all your shorts and middies as winters are here offering you the best days and nights to sleep comfortably in your blanket in the cozy environment with a hot brewing cup of coffee. Well, who does not like these kinda days? Of course, everyone but winters is not only about […]

15+ Amazing Essential Oils to Welcome Winter 2020 with Full Preparation!!

With cozy blankets, hot brewing coffee, and snow all around; you can surely have an idea that “Winter is coming!!” But along with all the fun and excitement to be out in the snow, this season comes with cold, flu, fever, dry and itchy scalp and skin, cracked lips and heels, hair fall, and what […]

5 Best Indian Attars You Must Try in 2020!!

Smelling nice is something that everyone wants but one thing that no one wants to dive into the oceans of scents and perfumes that are prepared chemically. And, the reason for this is very natural as these perfumes and scents are chemically prepared, and hence, they are having a bad impact not only on the […]

Cinnamon Bark Spice Oil: Properties, Benefits, Uses & Side-effects!!

Spice has always been a crucial part of humans. Right from flavoring the dishes to enhancing the health of the hair and to taking good care of the skin as well; there are various things to be done by the use of the spices and this goes the same for the oils extracted from the […]

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