11 Precious Essential Oils Derived From Popular Traditional Indian Herbs

Indian herbs are consumed in their natural, powdered, oil, oleoresins, hydrosol and other combinational forms to derive wellness benefits in certain health conditions. They are a great source of flavors and wellness ingredients. Following are the herbs from which essential oils are obtained besides oleoresin, and hydrosol. The users can begin the trial of aroma […]

Scented Candles – A Blooming Business!

Create Custom Eco-Friendly Distinct Scented Candles With Natural Essential Oils.. It has been a human experience to identify and associate major events or periods in life with particular scents. An aroma has the power to recall emotions and memories. It also affects our olfactory system and in turn, influences how we think and feel. Humans […]

Are Natural Fragrances a Better Alternative To Synthetic Fragrances?

Explore Their Situational Usage Implications in the Real Fragrance World! Natural fragrances and synthetic fragrances are not black and white concepts in real scenarios. Theoretically, a basic difference between natural fragrance and synthetic fragrance is its content. As the name implies, a natural fragrance contains natural compounds derived from diverse plant botanicals. Whereas a synthetic […]

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