Revel in Zesty Lemony Essential Oils This Summer!

The lemony essential oils derived from the rinds of multiple citrus fruits cultivated are enriched with chemical compounds that add zesty flavor or fragrance. The citrus essential oils are extensively used in perfumes, household cleaning products, air fresheners, food & beverages, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products.  The Citrus (Rutaceae) species is the oldest, most traded, and […]

Therapeutic Blends – Essential Oils, Their Categorisation, and Process of Creating Blends!

Therapeutic Blends are created to address particular physical or emotional conditions. The therapeutic blends manufacturers concentrate more on the therapeutic outcome of the blends rather than the aroma. However, they make aromatically pleasing blends. It is critical to use the essential oils whose therapeutic actions do not contradict desired goals and each other. The combined […]

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