Absolute Oils, Their Applications, and Profiles of Popular Absolute Oils!

The fragrance users know about absolute and essential oils, but the term ‘absolute’ or ‘essential’ brings questions to the mind of common people. Absolute oil and essential oil both are natural essences derived from botanicals for fragrance, flavor, and wellness purposes. However, they are derived by different methods and so, they differ from each other in viscosity, color, and constituents. 

Why Absolute Oils? 

Most users know that plant parts are a critical source of aromatic natural oils, extracts, butter, hydrosols, and attars. Not all botanicals withstand the heat of steam distillation and retain their natural constituents. The rinds of citrus fruits do not yield natural essence under steam or hydro distillation. The absolute oil manufacturers employ solvent extraction methods to derive oil from the delicate flowers, resins, and other plant parts. Some of them employ CO2 extraction methods and derive a liquid extract from respective plant parts. They often categorize them under essential oils. They use a cold-press method to extract oil from citrus rinds.

Absolutes are extracted by following a complex process in which solvents are used, while CO2 extracts are obtained by infusing compressed CO2 gas. In the case of solvents, the residue or trash remains in the absolute oil. Therefore, the users avoid their internal use. However, absolute oils are extensively used in aromatherapy and fragrance applications.

Utility of Absolute Oils 

Absolute oils act as antidepressants, antiseptics, astringents, deodorants, insecticides, fungicides, bath enhancer, aphrodisiac, and pain reliever. The absolute oil wholesale suppliers make the absolutes available to the users worldwide to derive benefits and uses.

Emotional & Mental Well-being

Natural aromas affect olfactories and the human mind positively. Intense floral scents are a great help to reduce stress which is the cause of many ailments. Floral and other absolutes offer a rich natural aroma close to the botanicals. Their diffusion or application promotes positive thinking and keeps depression away. It also promotes sexual desire and calms aggression bringing close to loved ones and reducing discords in relations.  In short, it supports emotional and mental well-being.

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Good For Skin

Absolute oils have antibacterial and antifungal properties, and they help prevent the spread of harmful bacterias or the growth of fungus. A drop or two of absolute oil in three drops of carrier oils is applied on scars, wounds, cuts, and irritated skin. The absolute oils contain cicatrisant compounds that increase red blood cells and help blood clotting for wound healing.

Absolute oils are also a boon for bright, youthful skin as their usage promotes the flow of red blood cells, regenerates skin cells, and tightens the skin. They accelerate the recovery of minor wounds, insect bites, and sores. Their inclusion in cosmetics and ointments is beneficial for the skin. Floral absolutes are effective for ringworm, yeast, and other fungal infections. The cosmetic or dermal product manufacturers obtain these oils in bulk from absolute oil bulk suppliers.

Excellent Fragrance

The floral aromas in absolute oils also make them an excellent ingredient for deodorant. A simple dab of floral absolute in combination with other essential or carrier oil carries a day-long aroma and prevents unpleasant body odor. Spread of particular floral absolute aroma also keeps away pesky insects and destroys odorous bacteria.

An aromatic bath with Epsom salt-containing absolute oil helps release dopamine chemicals from the brain and stimulate relaxing and positive feelings. Such baths also aid in removing dead skin cells and flushing out toxins. Massage of some absolute oils promotes blood circulation and relieves spasms and body aches. 

Which Absolute Oils?

Absolute oils derived from exotic flowers, resin, and other delicate plant parts are precious and exquisite. The absolute oils obtained from resin include benzoin, fir balsam, myrrh, and tolu balsam oils. The absolute oils from flowers are blue lotus, carnation, champaca, frangipani, orange blossom, mogra, mimosa, rose, tuberose, lily, lavender, jasmine, gardenia, and others. The absolute oil bulk manufacturers also derive the oils from green tea leaves, orris roots, angelica root, Fougere, spinach leaf, saffron strings, vanilla beans, tobacco leaves, and ambrette seeds.

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Absolute Oils with Extensive Commercial Uses!

Tuberose Absolute Oil – It is a deep orange or golden brown viscous oil derived from tuberose flowers. It has an exotic, complex, sweet, floral, and earthy smell that goes well with every kind of essential oil. Its aroma is used as middle notes in perfumes and many end products.

Tobacco Absolute Oil – It is a deep brown viscous liquid derived from tobacco leaves. (as in cigar). Its nicotine-like aroma finds extensive applications in fragrance formulations for men. Tobacco absolute oil can also help quit nicotine addiction.

Benzoin Absolute Oil – It is a golden brown thick oil with a sweet rich warm aroma with resinous notes. It is extracted from the resin of a benzoin tree. It offers base notes to perfumes and blends well with citrus fruity, resinous, and woody essential oils.

Rose Absolute Oil – It is a deep red thick oil derived from rose petals by solvent extraction. Rose absolute oil is widely used in perfumes, diffuser blends, and skincare formulations for its ever-enticing aroma. However, rose otto or rose CO2 oil is more preferred in aromatherapy.

Jasmine Absolute Oil – It is a deep brown viscous oil derived from jasmine flowers. Its deep rich floral and exotic aroma is used in unisex perfumes. The oil also finds application in aromatherapy, diffusion, and cosmetics.

Vanilla Absolute Oil – Vanilla fragrance is available in three forms – Vanilla absolute oil, Vanilla oleoresin, and Vanilla CO2 extract. Vanilla absolute oil derived from vanilla seeds or beans is a highly fragrant deep brown thick oil. It possesses a rich sweet vanilla aroma. A little of this oil goes a long way.

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Orris Root Absolute Oil – It is a medium-consistency yellowish oil derived from the orris roots. Its floral aroma is used as a fixative in perfumes, syrups, homeopathic medicines, and skincare products. 

Orange Blossom Absolute Oil – It is a dark orange thick oil with an intensely rich citrus fruity aroma. It finds application in cosmetics and perfumes.

Champaca Floral Absolute Oil – It is a thick reddish liquid with a characteristic strong floral aroma with herbaceous notes. Champaca oil is used in perfumes, body oils, aroma mists, and hair care products.

Frangipani Absolute Oil – It is a thick pasty yellow oil with a soft, floral, creamy aroma. Frangipani oil is added to hair oils, cosmetics, and perfume formulations. It blends well with citrus or resinous aromas.

The absolute oil suppliers are fragmented over the world and provide richly aromatic absolute oils to fragrance users worldwide.

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