Amazing Natural Body Butters to Fight Winter Dryness!!

Natural Cosmetic butters

Winters have always been a daunting season for everyone to manage. It is fun to play with snow and catch snowflakes, but what about the consequences that it has on the skin and health. That is why it is said to be extra cautious before even stepping into this month. With the change in season, it is needed that one change in their skincare routine as well as winters shows various signs of problems and troubles on the skin in terms of dryness, itchiness, pimples, acne, and breakouts.

You must have heard about pure natural cosmetic butters scrolling through the aisles of natural substitutes. These creamy and organic butter are the one sorted way to keep your skin hydrated and nourished throughout the day and the season as well. As winters have a lack of moisture content in the environment, people drool over body lotions and creams that have high chemical content to keep the body hydrated and toned up. To avoid such overloading of chemicals that can deteriorate your skin making it even worse, it is better to drag yourself to the aisles of natural body butter that will take good care of your skin dryness making it firm and even with intact charm and glow.

So, without having a second thought in your mind about these mild plant-based butters, just pick your favorite one from the given list of 7 body butter through which you can keep your skin hydrating and well-moisturized. So, check them out here:

Before jumping to the types of body buttes that can be used in winters to cure skin dryness, you must know that there are many benefits of butters for promoting skin health and good skin. Some of them are listed below:

  • It can be used as an all-over body moisturizer after taking a shower to keep the skin hydrating and moisturizing.

  • These fragrant butter can also be used to revitalize your hair. If you are irritated with dry and frizzy hairs, then you can apply these butters on the tips of the hair and wash with lukewarm water for silky and shiny hair.

  • These butters can also be the best make-up remover for you if in case you want to switch to a healthy version of your skincare.

  • Replace your lip balm with a tint of butter to moisturize the skin on the areas that are neglected.

  • If you are also habitual of applying hand creams day and night after every wash, then body butters can be your ultimate plant-based compound to go with apart from the chemical-based products.

  • After pregnancy, the one thing that keeps striking the mind is the stretch marks. You can get rid of them easily and effectively with butter.

  • Preparing for date night and fear of razor bumps is sticking to your head! Don’t worry, as only a tint of body butters can save you from painful body butters.

Now, after knowing the benefits of body butters, you must have a clear thought in your mind that you must go for these natural substitutes to make your winters happy and healthy. So, here are some butter that one can go with this season:

(1.) Lavender Body Butter

Lavender essential oil is famous worldwide for its amazing aroma that is serving humankind with its amazing therapeutic benefits in aromatherapy. Now, for winters, you can consider Lavender body butter that will fight body dryness amazingly with its smooth texture that hydrates the skin and gets easily absorbed without leaving any greasy residue behind. If you are also irritated with your dry and itchy skin, then this aromatic butter can be your favorite pick for sure.

Lavender Body Butter

(2.) Mango Body Butter

Mango butter is highly nourishing and moisturizing with amazing content of vitamin C and A that boosts the skin improving its condition making it brighter and glowing. This butter is also very smooth and gentle on skin that is easily absorbed leaving behind a youthful skin. You can even consider this butter if in case you are looking for a source to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles from your skin.

Mango Body Butter

(3.) Cocoa Body Butter

Cocoa body butter is the one that is from the list of most recognized body butters for winters. With the amazing smell and the moisturizing quality, this butter can be used on the cleaned and exfoliated skin as a base to retain elasticity and maintain the glow of the skin. The cocoa butter is also rich in plant-based compounds making it safe to use on skin.

Cocoa Body Butter

(4.) Shea Body Butter

Whether it is about winters or summers, the skin problems are forever and so does the skincare routine. Talking about skincare and body butters, the one that strikes the mind is the Shea butter. It has amazing benefits for skin health like from moisturizing the skin, to treat the acne, blemishes, aging, skin peeling, razor bumps, and stretch marks. You can also use this butter to maintain the skin glow and elasticity.

Shea Body Butter

(5.) Olive Body Butter

With antioxidants and fatty acids, this body butter is the perfect one to treat skin peeling and dryness that is the main problem of chilled winters. AS olive oil works amazingly well for the skin, so does this amazing body butter do for the skin in terms of improving the skin condition and promote the generation of new cells and tissues. You can use this butter blended with some sort of essential oils to reduce dark spots making skin more even tone.

Olive Body Butter

(6.) Kokum Body Butter

With the mind fragrance, Kokum butter is one of the main constituents of cosmetic products like lotions, creams, and lip balms. One can also use this butter to generate new cells and lightening the skin by reduc9ing the winter tan. Apart from this, this butter is also useful for the people and skin prone to breakouts.

Kokum Body Butter

(7.) Hemp Seed Body Butter

This creamy yellowish butter has a very nice and pleasant aroma that is ideal for skincare in winters. Winter dryness is also the cause of pimples and acne that in turn can be cured effectively with this amazing body butter. With treating dryness, this butter also balances the oil production in the skin that is the main reason behind breakouts.

Hemp Seed Body Butter

All the above-mentioned body butters are the most prominent ones to be included in your daily regimen of winters that will leave no chance in boosting your skin condition and in giving you the ample satisfaction of glowing and flawless skin. Keeping the importance of butter in mind in this season, has come up with an exotic range of butters to serve humans with good skin and health. This online site is a suitable place to buy natural essential oils and butters of good quality at a reasonable price range. So, explore the site and grab your favorite butter now. 

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