An Assortment of Aromatherapy Products and Natural Ingredients For Overall Wellness Benefits

An aromatherapy product contains essential oils and other aromatics. It is not limited to the usage of fragrant essential oils. It comprises natural ingredients that are safe and offer utility. It contains minimal synthetic ingredients. We all know that aromatherapy involves the use of fragrances for the all-around physical, emotional and mental soundness of an […]

7 Natural Oils That Support Healthy Living During Winters!

When we talk about the remedy for cough, cold, and flu, the discussion is incomplete without natural substances such as eucalyptus leaves, ginger root, basil leaves, spices, and others. All these natural ingredients are available in the most convenient-to-use and concentrated form – essential oils. The essential oils work superbly as alternative medicines or therapies, […]

Handpicked Essential Oils for Digestive Health!

The digestive system is the center for food processing, absorption of nutrients, hormone production, and removal of wastage. Several people suffer from recurrent, long-term, gastrointestinal ailments that impede their normal routine or lifestyle. The typical digestive symptoms are abdominal pain, diarrhea, heartburn, constipation, abdominal pain, and abdominal distention with excessive gas. Some essential oils can […]

Eleven Unique Essential Oils and Their Contextual Uses!

Essential oils are the natural elixirs used in many end products and fragrance applications. They are categorized based on their aroma or functioning. Hundreds of essential oils are derived from diverse plant botanicals the world over. As our domain is EOs, we apprise you of some unique essential oils that are useful for different purposes. […]

Absolute Oils, Their Applications, and Profiles of Popular Absolute Oils!

The fragrance users know about absolute and essential oils, but the term ‘absolute’ or ‘essential’ brings questions to the mind of common people. Absolute oil and essential oil both are natural essences derived from botanicals for fragrance, flavor, and wellness purposes. However, they are derived by different methods and so, they differ from each other […]

Clean and Non-toxic Personalized Perfumes – The Latest Trend in Perfumeries!

Explore the Essential Oils Used in Clean Perfumes and New DIY Perfume Recipes! ‘Clean Beauty’ is a newly coined term in the personal care industry. ‘Clean’ denotes a product made without particular potentially harmful substances such as parabens, formaldehyde, talc, and fragrance. In perfumery, clean perfume means transparent fragrances made with minimal ingredients. 2947 fragrance […]

Revel in Zesty Lemony Essential Oils This Summer!

The lemony essential oils derived from the rinds of multiple citrus fruits cultivated are enriched with chemical compounds that add zesty flavor or fragrance. The citrus essential oils are extensively used in perfumes, household cleaning products, air fresheners, food & beverages, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products.  The Citrus (Rutaceae) species is the oldest, most traded, and […]

Therapeutic Blends – Essential Oils, Their Categorisation, and Process of Creating Blends!

Therapeutic Blends are created to address particular physical or emotional conditions. The therapeutic blends manufacturers concentrate more on the therapeutic outcome of the blends rather than the aroma. However, they make aromatically pleasing blends. It is critical to use the essential oils whose therapeutic actions do not contradict desired goals and each other. The combined […]

11 Precious Essential Oils Derived From Popular Traditional Indian Herbs

Indian herbs are consumed in their natural, powdered, oil, oleoresins, hydrosol and other combinational forms to derive wellness benefits in certain health conditions. They are a great source of flavors and wellness ingredients. Following are the herbs from which essential oils are obtained besides oleoresin, and hydrosol. The users can begin the trial of aroma […]

Scented Candles – A Blooming Business!

Create Custom Eco-Friendly Distinct Scented Candles With Natural Essential Oils.. It has been a human experience to identify and associate major events or periods in life with particular scents. An aroma has the power to recall emotions and memories. It also affects our olfactory system and in turn, influences how we think and feel. Humans […]

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