Basil Essential Oil: Must-Have Natural Oil for its Indian Medicinal History!!

basil essential oil

From the aisles of the naturally extracted and pure essential oils, Basil essential oil might not be the go-to option for everyone on daily basis but, there is no surprise that the benefits and the natural properties of the basil counts in the Indian medical history and is still serving the humankind either in the form of oil or plant extracts or even as a holistic indoor or outdoor plant. Going back about more than 5000 years, Basil has a long history associated with its use. Many spiritual and healing properties are attributed to this holy plant. Apart from these forms, basil essential oil is also of utmost importance and use. You will come to know more about its properties and uses later on in this amazing guide on basil essential oil.

Well, varying from sweet basil or basil oil; the basil essential oil is available almost in 35 different varieties each attributed to a different set of properties and benefits. From the use in Ayurvedic medicine to the aromatherapy sessions to its topical use, the basil essential oil is serving human beings for the past many years and its charm is still intact.

Now, after such interesting things about the properties and benefits of the basil essential oil; the most important thing to get the most out of this gem herbal oil is to have good quality and natural basil oil and for this, here at, all such needs come to an end as this is an online store that is offering the customers with pure, organic, and naturally extracted basil oil or Basil hydrosol or many other different organic and certified natural essential oils as we are one of the most recognized and known natural oil manufacturers and suppliers in India.

Now, for those who are new in the aisles of natural substitutes, using basil essential oil for leading a healthy life is not at all a difficult task but the only thing that is required for the perfect and proper use is to know the properties and precautions that should be taken before considering this oil. For this, a basil essential oil guide is given below consisting of all the needed questions and answers. So, let us get started:

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About Basil essential oil

  • Botanical Name: Ct. Estragole
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Color: Colorless to a pale amber color
  • Odor: Clear, mildly sweet, and Peppery aroma
  • Methods of Extraction: Steam Distillation
  • Part Typically Used for Extraction: Leaves, Flowers, and Buds
  • Solubility: Soluble in alcohol
  • Consistency: Thin
  • Major Constituents: Linalool, Fenchol, Eugenol, Methyl Chavicol, and Beta-Caryophyllene

Properties of Basil essential oil

  • Antimicrobial Properties
  • Antioxidant Properties
  • Anti-inflammatory Properties
  • Diaphoretic Properties
  • Antispasmodic Properties
  • Antidepressant Properties
  • Energizing Properties
  • Expectorant Properties
  • Febrifuge Properties
  • Stimulating Properties
  • Analgesic Properties

Health Benefits of Basil essential oil

  1. Helps in purifying the blood from the body toxins
  2. The basil oil is the perfect treatment for acne and pimples
  3. Helps in the prevention of blackheads & whiteheads breakouts
  4. When used on skin lightens the skin tone and helps in enhancing the complexion
  5. The anti-bacterial and antiviral properties of the oil help in the treatment of body infection
  6. Also heals Ringworm infection
  7. Relieves body itching as well
  8. Helps in the treatment of burns & wounds
  9. Promotes hair growth
  10. Also treats dry & itchy scalp
  11. Helps in getting rid of dandruff
  12. Improves blood circulation
  13. Reduces hair fall by making roots stronger
  14. Can also be used to get lustrous & darker hair
  15. Helps in relieving the problem of stress, anxiety, and hypertension
  16. Helps in boosting the digestive system
  17. Helps to restore the natural pH of the scalp
  18. Soothe the symptoms of respiratory discomforts
  19. Helps in the formulation of cosmetic products
  20. Helps in alleviating the symptoms of cough, cold, and asthma
  21. Helps in relieving the pain of sore joints and muscles
  22. Basil essential oil also works as a flavor enhancer for several dishes
  23. Also acts as an insect repellent
  24. When used in spa sessions, works amazingly in reducing headache and migraine
  25. Basil essential oil has the capability to promote mental alertness and enhance focusing power

Essential oils to blend Basil essential oil

  1. Bergamot essential oil
  2. Black Pepper essential oil
  3. Cedarwood essential oil
  4. Clary Sage essential oil
  5. Clove Bud essential oil
  6. Lime essential oil
  7. Eucalyptus essential oil
  8. Fennel essential oil
  9. Ginger essential oil
  10. Geranium essential oil
  11. Grapefruit essential oil
  12. Juniper essential oil
  13. Lavender essential oil
  14. Lemon essential oil
  15. Marjoram essential oil
  16. Neroli essential oil
  17. Rosemary essential oil
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Precautions to be taken

  • Make sure to do the patch test on your feet or forearm to ensure that you don’t experience irritation like redness, burning, hives, or allergic reactions.

  • Keep the basil oil away from your eyes and the insides of your ears or nose.

  • Basil essential oil should be avoided by pregnant or breastfeeding women as it can have an impact on hormonal levels, muscle condition, or nerve functioning.

  • Keep out of reach from children. Avoid using the essential oil on infants and young children.

  • It’s also not appropriate for anyone with epilepsy.

  • You should not ingest essential oils, as they can have adverse side effects.

Now, after these general or basic preventive measures, some measures are still there that should be taken while using the basil essential oil in certain forms:

When used in aromatically:

  • Basil essential oil can also be diffused throughout the home or office using oil diffuser or vaporizer as it has therapeutic benefits as well.

  • One can inhale this oil directly from the bottle for its aroma.

  • One can rub a few drops and then place the hands over your face to inhale the aroma.

When used topically:

  • Basil oil should be diluted with a carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil before its application on the skin.

  • Basil oil can cause skin reactions to people having sensitive skin. So, it is better to avoid using it on the face before consulting the doctor.

When used internally:

  • The researchers recognized using pure basil oil is safe for consumption, but only when the oil used is of high therapeutic-grade and high-quality brands.

  • Add a few drops of the oil to water or by mixing it with raw honey for its consumption. 

  • Consult a health care practitioner first before using basil essential oil alongside your medication or treatment. 

So, impressed with the above-listed uses, benefits, and the properties of the basil essential oil and want to grab the bottle of this gem now? Need not worry as not only basil essential oil but also one can get here good quality and pure basil oleoresins and hydrosols and that too at an affordable price range. So, just be sure about the properties and the natural constituents of the oil and be sorted for its use on the skin. Order online and get the best quality natural oils from here to gear up your skincare or health regimen.


It is to be noted that all the information given above about Basil essential oil is only for the purpose to make users more knowledgeable. Before considering any of the given uses, benefits, and therapies practically of basil oil, it is advised to consult your physician or doctor first as any wrong use can cause severe infection or health issues. So, it’s better to be sure of its use than taking the risk.

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