Hydrosols – The Purest Form of Nature’s Bounty!

Have a Glance at Range of Hydrosols,  Uses, Properties and Benefits Hydrosols refer to floral or herbal waters. They are useful natural by-products produced during the steam distillation process of the plant parts (i.e., leaves, stems, roots, flowers, peels, or berries) for extracting essential oil. When the vapor cools, it becomes hydrosol. They are not […]

Top Ways through which you can Integrate Hydrosols in your Daily Lifestyle

People use hydrosols on a daily basis as aromatic compounds, water alternatives, and to add flavours to food. Hydrosols are manufactured through the help of steam distilling procedure which absorbs the plant’s oil-soluble nutrients and elements. The final outcome is a large quantity of water which has a top layer of essential oils. Due to […]

Lavender Hydrosol: To Soothe Harsh Winter Effects on Skin, Hair, & Health Aromatically!!

Organic hydrosols in India are gaining popularity day by day and this is because of the amazing composition they have. These hydrosols are the water-based liquids having the characteristic aroma of the flowers, plants, herbs, or shrubs from which the hydrosols are extracted and that is why; there is a wide range of hydrosols that […]


Who doesn’t love to feel that soft and buttery texture on the body just after the bath? Of course, everyone wants so and has also done so many things to lock the moisture in the skin. But, any of the methods has made it to the list of perfect? If yes, then congratulations and if […]

Basil Essential Oil: Must-Have Natural Oil for its Indian Medicinal History!!

From the aisles of the naturally extracted and pure essential oils, Basil essential oil might not be the go-to option for everyone on daily basis but, there is no surprise that the benefits and the natural properties of the basil counts in the Indian medical history and is still serving the humankind either in the form […]

10+ Hydrosols worth Considering to Boost Daily Winter Care Regimen!

With the cold wind blowing and the snowflakes floating, winter is slowly and steadily knocking the door and saying that it’s time to say summery vibes a big goodbye and so to the summer care routine and shake hands with the winter essentials. For gingering up the routine be it about skincare or daily health […]

6 Incredible Hydrosols and Their Wonderful Health Benefits!!

Hydrosols are just the watered-down version of essential oils. Hydrosols have been in use since the very long time. Hydrosols have the amazing ability to treat several kinds of diseases effectively. The best part is that there is no limit to the variety of Hydrosols. Also, there are numbers of organic hydrosols online suppliers from where you […]

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