Basil Essential Oil: Must-Have Natural Oil for its Indian Medicinal History!!

From the aisles of the naturally extracted and pure essential oils, Basil essential oil might not be the go-to option for everyone on daily basis but, there is no surprise that the benefits and the natural properties of the basil counts in the Indian medical history and is still serving the humankind either in the form […]

An Ultimate Guide on Black Pepper Oil for Beginners!!

Black pepper is the name that comes in the list of the most widely used spices on the earth, not only as a flavoring agent but also for a variety of other purposes that is beneficial for healthy skin, hair and life. You must have experienced the use of the pepper oil for many possible […]

Benefits of Clove Spice Oil to Ease Day-to-Day Life Problem of Hair, Body, & Skin!!

India is indeed a hub of spices varying from bay leaves to cinnamon to cardamom to pepper to cumin and many more are there on the list. But, it will be so unfair to forget the most important one from the list. Yes, it is about the Clove. Though small in size, this particular spice […]

Let’s Know Unknown Health Benefits of Oleoresins!!

Oleoresins are also known as Balsams which are semi-solid extracts which are the composition of fatty/essential oils and resin. We all are aware of the effectiveness of Oleoresins. But there are so many other important health beneficial properties from which you may not aware of the Oleoresins. Let’s know in which diseases oleoresins can be used and […]

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