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Who doesn’t love to feel that soft and buttery texture on the body just after the bath? Of course, everyone wants so and has also done so many things to lock the moisture in the skin. But, any of the methods has made it to the list of perfect? If yes, then congratulations and if no, then there is no need to hopeless or disheartened as many wonderful and amazing cosmetics are there all over the market to cure the dryness, and narrowing down the best from the list of the bests is indeed a daunting task to do and that is why; we at, are going to spill the beans out about the secret of the beauty of the ladies right from the ancient times. So, hold your heart as pure natural cosmetic butters will surely take them from you!

You must have seen many advertisements of the many oils and other substitutes guaranteeing 24*7 dryness-free skin; but do any of them work well? If it is a no from your side and you are also fighting with the dry and dull skin, then the body butter is the one that is indeed worth giving a chance. You must have used essential perfume oils but these thick, smooth, and soft butters are something new and different from the rest of them and many other characteristics make them worth considering not only for the skin dryness but also for many other issues of skin, hair, and body.

A detailed and useful body butter guide is prepared by us so that those who are new in the field of using body butter, cam know them better right from scratch. So, any further ado, let us see what this guide is offering to the customers:-

The cosmetic body butter guide contains:

  • What are body butters?
  • How body butters are extracted?
  • What is the difference between body butter and lotions?
  • Characteristic of body butter
  • Properties of body butter
  • Benefits of body butter for hair
  • Benefits of body butter for skin
  • Benefits of body butter for health
  • Topmost used and recommended body butters
  • How to choose perfect body butter for yourself
  • How to use body butter
  • Precautions to be taken while using body butter

So, what are you waiting for? Let us get started with the useful and ultimate guide for the proper use of body butter.

What are body butters?

Body butters, also known as cosmetic butters are the skin moisturizers containing vegetable-based oils, butter, and other Fatty substitutes that give them their thicker consistency at the room temperature and also their hydrating and moisturizing properties that makes them so wonderful. Not only they are used to fight winter dryness, but these butters have many other uses as well varying from the skin to hair to health and lot more. They are having a decent and light aroma that gives them the therapeutic properties as well making them versatile and more worthy to be included in the skincare regimen.

How body butters are extracted?

The cosmetic buttes or body butters are extracted from plants, flowers, and many other sources that contain fat and oil like beans, nuts, and seeds. That is why; the body butters are thicker in consistency and have skin softening and hydrating properties. The main two ingredients used in the formation of body butters are none other than minerals and oils that make them oil-based in texture. Butters are prepared without or with a very less amount of water that gives them the semi-solid consistency at room temperature.

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What is the difference between body butter and lotions?

Body ButterLotions
Body butters are formulated with more percentage of oil and less percentage of water. Body lotions are formulated with more water and less oil.
They have comparatively thick consistency. They have somewhat light or watery consistency when compared to the butters.
Using body butters will provide long-lasting hydration more than body lotions Lotions can keep the body moisturize but for a short span of time.
As body butters have thicker consistency, there is no need to apply them repeatedly. Lotions are needed to be applied after every 2 to 3 hours to keep body hydrated.
They do not only hydrate the skin but also penetrated through the skin and locks the moisture within. In the case of lotions, they are not absorbed under the skin and hence, it is needed to apply them repeatedly.
Body butters do not evaporate. They penetrate through the skin. Body lotions evaporate and hence, the do not hydrate the skin from inside.
They are not suitable for the faces and are advised to be used on open areas only. The body lotions are can be applied both on the face and the open areas.

Characteristic of body butter

  • Body butters are the long-lasting moisturizing agents that work both for summers and winters
  • There is no need to apply them repeatedly like creams or lotions
  • If you have good quality butter, then it will only contain oil and butter
  • If you compare them with lotions and creams, then they have water as the primary ingredient whereas butters have butter or oil as its primary ingredient
  • Butters does not evaporate from the surface of the skin but get absorbed inside the skin and keeps in moisturized for the whole day.

Properties of body butter

Now, after knowing all such amazing things about body butters, it is the time to get an idea of what properties do they have that makes them perfect for the human body and mind. So, here is the list given below:

  • Anti-aging Property
  • Anti-inflammatory Property
  • Antiseptic Property
  • Anti-oxidant Property
  • Therapeutic Property
  • Antibacterial Property
  • Antifungal Property

Benefits of body butter for hair

  • Using butters will prevent hair loss by making them stronger
  • Applying butters on the roots of the hair will protect them from the harmful UV rays
  • Butters will also act as an amazing conditioner for hair
  • Butters will also provide nutrients to the scalp promoting hair growth
  • Having anti-inflammatory properties will treat scalp inflammation

Benefits of body butter for skin

  • Butters can be used to cure cracked lips
  • The oils present in the butters will hydrate the skin from inside
  • The vitamins and collagens in the butter will help reduce marks and scars
  • Using butter will control the oil generated in the body and hence, prevent break-outs
  • They will also promote cells and tissue generation in the skin
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Benefits of body butter for health

  • The inflammatory properties of the body butters can reduce itching and burning sensation
  • Applying body butter can also help to prevent sun damage
  • Applying butter at bedtime will promote sound sleep
  • They also have therapeutic properties that make them perfect for massaging sessions
  • The issues like stress and anxiety will also be treated with the application of body butters

Topmost used and recommended body butters

Now, coming to one of the most not only amazing but the useful sections of this write up that covers the topmost and widely used body butters that are affecting the human body for the best from the past many years and have successfully contributed in making their own fan base based on their properties.

So, let us have a look at the list given below:

  • Shea Body Butter
  • Argan Oil Body Butter
  • Moringa Body Butter
  • Rose Body Butter
  • Olive Oil Body Butter
  • Vanilla Milk Body Butter
  • Strawberry Body Butter
  • Mango Body Butter
  • Cocoa Body Butter
  • Papaya Body Butter
  • Lavender Body Butter
  • Chocolate Body Butter
  • Aloe Vera Body Butter
  • Kokum Body Butter

How to choose perfect body butter for yourself

As body butter has heavier consistency as compared to the other serums or lotions and thus, it becomes very crucial to choose the one that is having the right ingredients suiting the body type. And, that is why; here are some points listed that should be kept in mind while choosing one for you. Let us have a look at the list:

  • For the ones who are having dry skin, body butter that is heavy in texture and is oil-based is the one that should be picked like shea body butter.
  • For the ones having oily skin, the body butter that is light in texture is the one that should be preferred like mango or papaya body butter.
  • For the combination skin, the body butters made with the flower extracts are the best ones to make choice for like lavender body butter.
  • If you are searching butter for the massaging purpose, then also the floral body butters are the best one to go with as they are light in texture and also have amazing aroma blended well with the therapeutic benefits.
  • Are you wondering that body butter can be used for scars and marks? If yes, then yes, of course, and cocoa butter is the one that is your answer.
  • Want to enhance skin tone with butter? Chocolate body butter can do that amazingly as it has the composition to even out the skin tone
  • Also, chocolate body butter is a perfect bedtime substitute having pleasing aroma promoting sound sleep
  • Irritated with your intense dry skin with wrinkles on it? Get mango body butter and get rid from both the issues effectively.

How to use body butters?

Well, using body butter is not a daunting task at all. But, as they are the heavier version of the oils, creams, and lotions; it becomes important to use them with caution. So, have a look at the points given below:

  • Pat-dry your skin after the bath and apply your favorite body butter directly to moisturize your skin
  • Apply on the open areas to fight the body dryness both in winters and summers.
  • For all those who have dry hairs, can use these butters on the damp hair to nourish them
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Precautions to be taken while using body butter

After knowing certain ways to use cosmetic butters, knowing precautions will also be very helpful. And, that is why; here are some precautions listed below:

  • Body butters are only applied to the body parts other than the face as it can cause break-outs and allergies.
  • These butters can either be used daily or as a weekly treatment for the dryness and other issues
  • Don’t use these butters much as they can result in pimples and break-outs
  • Before using them on the baby and pregnant women, it is recommended to consult with the doctor 

Are you all excited to include these soft-textured and moisturizing agents in your skincare regimen? If yes, then don’t forget the most basic step i.e. try to use only organic, natural and chemical-free body butters so that you need not take tension about the risk of side-effects as if you use the adulterated product, then they might cause several issues like rashes, bumps, infection, etc. That is why; purchase only good quality and naturally prepared substitutes. And, for this, can be your ultimate spot to get hands-on the amazing range of natural substitutes and that too without going high on the budget. Not only cosmetic butters, but you can also get spice oils, essential oils, Indian attars, organic oils, and even floral waters as we are also one of the best and most recognized floral water manufacturers in India. So, take a step towards the healthy living by shifting to the aisles of the natural substitutes from the cosmetic ones and shopping from here your all the essentials will be your first step towards the same.   

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