Eleven Unique Essential Oils and Their Contextual Uses!

Essential oils are the natural elixirs used in many end products and fragrance applications. They are categorized based on their aroma or functioning. Hundreds of essential oils are derived from diverse plant botanicals the world over. As our domain is EOs, we apprise you of some unique essential oils that are useful for different purposes. They are different from one another in terms of use, derivation process, aroma, and properties. Let us have a look,

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass essential oil falls in the category of lemony essential oils, even if it is not derived from the rinds of citrus fruits. Lemongrass oil is primarily manufactured in India, as India grows many species of lemongrass. The steam distillation process used by essential oil manufacturers makes it a safe oil without harmful residues.  It possesses superb astringent properties that are harnessed in cosmetics. It is particularly ideal for oily skin. Its aroma is invigorating, it is diffused for refreshing smell and repelling mosquitoes. Its top notes are used in antiperspirants and perfumes.

Lavender (Bulgaria) Essential Oil

Lavender (Bulgaria) essential oil is an exotic oil with a rich floral fragrance of lavender. It is also known as the most versatile oil that finds multiple applications in the end products ranging from perfumes to pharmaceuticals. Lavender oil is derived from lavender flowers by steam distillation. It has top perfumery notes with medium strength. Its rich floral smell is used in aromatherapy, perfume,  and diffuser blends. Its antibacterial and antiseptic properties prevent infection and help heal the scars, wounds, cuts, and scrapes fast. 

Pink Lotus Oil

Pink Lotus Floral Absolute oil is an absolute oil that is derived by solvent extraction from pink lotus. It is a dark orange-red thick liquid with strong middle notes. It is used for sacred, communal, and auspicious occasions or rituals. It is primarily used for making perfumes, cosmetics, oil dilutions, and fragrance oils. It is added to bath salts and scrubs. Moderation is the key to the use of pink lotus absolute oil. It goes well with citrus, woody, spicy or other oils.

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Myrrh Oil

Myrrh oil is an absolute oil derived from the resin of the myrrh plant by solvent extraction. It is a medium to viscous amber/ dark amber oil with a warm, rich, musky odor. It has a woody, sweet and earthy tone. Myrrh oil has been used in incense and perfume for centuries. It is added as an ingredient in toothpaste, mouthwashes, and other natural oral care products. It helps treat chapped skin, herpes, and ringworm. It offers base notes to the perfumes and ensures a sweet lasting fragrance.

Vanilla Oil

Vanilla is a known fragrance as it is used in many cosmetics and food recipes. Vanilla essence is derived from the seeds in vanilla beans by following solvent extraction or CO2 extract process. Vanilla absolute oil is a deep brown thick oil that emits a rich, warm characteristic vanilla aroma. It is derived by solvent extraction method by vanilla absolute oil manufacturerIt provides strong base notes and aids in balancing and calming the nervous system. Vanilla oil reduces nervous anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness, 

Geranium Essential Oil (Egyptian)

Geranium oil is known for its rose-like intense fragrance, but many users would be surprised to know that it is derived from the leaves of a geranium plant cultivated in Egypt. Geranium essential oil manufactures derive a pale yellow thin oil with a green tinge by steam distillation. The oil offers strong middle notes to perfumes and other end products. Besides aroma, it is known for its female health-related benefits. Geranium oil is effective for sebum balance, dermatitis, acne, minor burns, wounds, eczema, and herpes. It also helps treat neuralgia, nervous skin disorders, varicose veins,  and ringworms. It is an excellent urinary and liver tonic.

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Allspice Essential oil

Allspice essential oil is also known as pimento berry essential oil. As the name implies, it emits a combined smell of various spices. It has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties and a warm spicy aroma. It is a thin dark brown oil that is diffused during winters. It blends very well with citrus essential oils and provides middle notes to the perfumes. Allspice essential oil contains eugenol compounds like clove oil, it is added to massage blends to tone muscles, reduce stiffness, and subside arthritic pain.

Amyris Essential Oil

Amyris essential oil is considered an affordable substitute for precious sandalwood oil. Its fragrance begins with a strange aroma but later on, it provides sweet woody benzoin-like base notes to the dilution or perfume. It is a thick pale yellow oil derived from Amyris wood by steam distillation. It acts as a fixative in perfumes and fragrances. Its mild fragrance stimulates sexual desire.

Cajeput Essential Oil

Cajeput essential oil is known for its fresh camphorous fragrance with slightly fruity notes. It is effective for asthma, bronchitis, muscle aches, sinusitis, sore throats, and muscle strains. Cajeput essential oil is derived from the leaves of cajeput by essential oil manufacturers. It offers middle perfumery notes and is considered a must-have oil for winters. It contains cineole compounds that govern its camphorous aroma and character. It is added to massage and diffuser blends and inhalers.

Carrot seed Essential Oil

A thin or medium golden yellow essential oil is obtained from the black carrot seeds by essential oil manufacturers. It has a warm, earthy, and woody aroma, and it is useful in conditions of eczema, and gout.  It flushes out toxins from the body and reduces excess water retention. It nourishes damaged or wrinkled skin and restores its texture. It is added to skincare items.

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Agarwood Essential Oil

Agarwood or Oudh oil is derived from the resinous wood by steam distillation. It has a musky fragrance widely used in making perfumes, Indian attars, and fragrance oils. Oud oil is used to treat a variety of skin diseases and disorders. Its scent instills deep inner peace, balances emotions, and brings peace. The oil is added to aromatherapy and diffuser blends. It heals redness, swelling, or irritation and reduces puffiness around the eyes.

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