Important Tips for Handling Pure Essential Oil!!

Pure essential oils are hydrophobic distillates of organic aromatic compounds. They are concentrated liquids extracted from plant matter. Due to volatility in nature, essential oils are recommended to handle with care.

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Concentrated essential oils should not be directly inhaled or ingested. They are quite sensitive on eyes & internal organs. Thus eye contact should be avoided otherwise it may cause eye irritation & redness. Essential oils are diluted with carrier oils or base oils such as jojoba, grape seed, sweet almond or olive oil before topical application on skin.

While handling concentrated essential oil, it is always recommended to wear latex gloves & use disposable glass pipettes. It is also recommended to use separate pipettes for each herbal oils. Always wash your hand properly after handling/using essential oils.

They must be kept in a cool, dry and moisture free space away from direct exposure to sun. These oils should be stored in dark coloured bottles or amber bottles with intact lid. This would prevent oxidation reaction & adulteration. Proper storage conditions ensure preserved aroma & chemical composition of essential oil. The shelf life of essential oil depends upon the type of essential oil. For instance Citrus oils should not be kept for more than 6 months. Some organic oils may have 3-4 months of shelf life while other essential oils have 12 months.

Essential oils cannot be stored in plastic bottles as it may react with the plastic layer of the bottle. Just like any other kind of aromatic oil, they are affected or degraded, due to improper storage conditions & extreme temperatures.

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Essential oils are highly inflammable & have low ignition point. Thus they must be kept away from flames otherwise easily catches fire. Also keep it away from children and pets.

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Some natural oils also have a tendency to become rancid over time. While other essential oils like Patchouli oils and sandalwood get better as time flies by. Once your pure essential oils have become turbid, the consistency of the oil gets thickened. They also looses it fragrance & start smelling unpleasant.

Thus these tips should be kept in mind while handling & transferring essential oils. These essential oils are bestowed with natural essence of plant products. Follow the direction carefully while using essential oils and enjoy its benefits at its best.

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