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Indian Attars

“Scent is the strongest tie to memory.”

This is indeed a fact that soothing and pleasant aromas hold every human heart and that is why; we have so many nice perfumes available in the market, some of which are exported from the foreign countries and are undoubtedly very expensive yet popular and others are natural and packed with health pleasant aroma & health benefits as well. Yes, you guessed it absolutely right! This time we are here with Traditional Indian Attars; the one most famous yet not fully revealed from the aisles of natural substitutes.

Many of you must have some idea about what Attars are, but when it is about having complete knowledge of them, it is hard to say that even half of the population fails to explain attars to the fullest. And, that is why; today we are going to be discussing essential perfume oils i.e. Natural Traditional Indian Attars in the guide given below.

So, without wasting any more time, let us get started with our Traditional Indian Attar Guide:

Well, starting from the basic, Attars are commonly known as “Ittar” or “Othr” is an Arabic word that means “scent”. This natural perfume is alcohol-free and that is why; it is widely used by Muslims all over the world as it is also known as sunhat to use or offer attars to the guests when they arrive or depart. Apart from this, Prophet Mohammad is known to love perfumes and hence, encouraged its use in Islam. Not only Muslims but nowadays, this natural scent is very popular for its soothing and pleasant aroma that is also packed with many health benefits, which you might have not even imagined about them.

So, without revolving round and round, let us come straight to the point and have a look at what this guide is offering the readers:

  • What is Traditional Indian Attars?
  • History of Traditional Indian Attars
  • How Traditional Indian Attars are Extracted?
  • Difference between Perfumes and Traditional Indian Attars
  • Traditional Indian Attars Classification
  • Types of Traditional Indian Attars
  • Most Popular Traditional Indian Attars
  • Uses of Traditional Indian Attars
  • Therapeutic Benefits of Traditional Indian Attars
  • Medicinal Uses of Traditional Indian Attars
  • Culinary Uses of Traditional Indian Attars
  • Safety Measures to be Taken
  • How to Store Traditional Indian Attars?
  • Best Traditional Indian Attars Suppliers in India

So, let us begin the tour to educate ourselves a little about Traditional Indian Attars!

What is Traditional Indian Attars?

“Attar” or commonly known as “Ittar” is the naturally extracted and pure fragrance essential oils that are extracted from flowers, herbs, roots, barks, leaves, roots, and other botanical sources and parts of plants. They are one of the vital components of the perfume industry as synthetic perfumes are also made from the natural extracts of Indian attars and natural aromatic oils.

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History of Traditional Indian Attars

Now, talking about the history of preparing attars, it begins right from the ancient times in India around 60000 years back in time. They have gained popularity during Moghul’s time period when Sandal, Musk, Lavender, Rose, Camphor, Jasmine, and Saffron like natural sources were used to extract natural oils that are now known as attars or ittars.

As per some sources, Mughal queens Noorjahan has first used the Rose attar. Apart from this, Mugal emperor Akbar was known to have a whole department of these natural perfumes so that the king and his successors could keep their minds and bodies focused.

How Traditional Indian Attars are Extracted?

Natural and pure traditional Indian attars are extracted by the process of hydro or steam distillation process with minimum or no use of chemicals that make them such popular and treasured. 

There is certain equipment that is used for the extraction of attars from the plants and their major parts. Some of them are listed below:

  • Deg or Still
  • Receiver
  • Furnace
  • Cooling water tank
  • Leather bottle

Difference between Perfumes and Traditional Indian Attars

Attars are available in the form of oils. Perfumers are used in the form of spray.
Attars are concentrated natural fragrances. They are diluted as compared to attars.
They have no chemical constituents. Perfumes contain alcohol in them.
Attars are extracted via traditional hydro-distillation method. Perfumes are prepared using attars or natural oils with some synthetic constituents and alcohol.
They are bio-degradable. They are non-biodegradable.
They are costly. They are cheaper in comparison.

Types of Traditional Indian Attars

Attars can be broadly classified into the following categories on the basis of flavors:

  • Floral Attars
  • Herbal Attars

The classification of attars based on their effect is:

  • Warm Attars
  • Cool Attars

Most Popular Traditional Indian Attars

Name of AttarScientific Name
Amberi Shamama Attar Amberi Shamama Attar
Black Musk Attar NardostachysJatamansi
Chameli Attar Jasmine Grandilfflorum
Champa Attar Champaca
Frangipani Attar Plumeria
Honeysuckle Attar Diervilla sessilifolia
Jasmine Attar Jasminum Grandiflorum L
Juhi Attar Jasminum Auriculatum
Kadam Attar Anthocephalus Cadamba
Lily Attar Convallariamajalis
Lotus Attar Nelumbo nucifera
Mitti Attar Attar of Earthern Soil
Pink Lotus Attar Nelumbo nucifera
Rose Attar Rose Damascena
Saffron Attar Crocus Sativus
Tube Rose Attar Polianthes tuberosa

Uses of Traditional Indian Attars

  • As these attars are naturally produced, they are suitable to be used on every skin type.
  • Attars are also being used for treating many skin diseases.,
  • They also help to improve skin tone and texture.
  • These natural products are also used in the formulation of various cosmetics and skincare products.
  • These attars also have application in the pharmaceutical industry
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Therapeutic Benefits of Traditional Indian Attars

  • Jasmine attar is being used to relieve stress and hypertension from ancient times.
  • Inhaling the soothing aroma of sandalwood attar can help in controlling vomiting.
  • Applying these ittars on the chest and throat will help in curing the problem of dry cough.
  • These oils are used for stimulating the energy of the chakras.
  • As these attars are free from alcohol and all chemical preservatives, they help in balancing the Doshas as well.

Medicinal Uses of Traditional Indian Attars

  • Lemon attar, when taken internally or inhaled directly, works positively in treating diabetes, asthma and many other such issues
  • Using a few drops of sweet marjoram attar when taken with jaggery helps in curing the problem of migraine and hangovers.
  • The problem of Nausea can also be controlled immediately by inhaling attars.
  • They can also be inhaled for its beneficial aroma to improve focusing power.
  • These attars also have mood uplifting properties

Culinary Uses of Traditional Indian Attars

You will be extremely delightful to know that the aromatic Indian attars were also used by the kings, queens, and elites in many ways and this includes certain recipes and culinary uses as well. Some of them are listed below:

The ittars like Kewra, Rose, Mehndi, Hina, Mitti, Marigold, and Shamama are the ones that go well with the tobacco notes and that is why; the firms producing pan masala and gutkha are the main consumers of Indian attars.

  • Kewra and rose ittars are also used to flavor Betel Nut.
  • Rose & Kewra ittars are used for imparting flavors in the sweets and that is why; Indian sweet shops use Indian attars to a large extent.
  • Some ittars are also being used to give a sweet and unique taste and flavor to the cold drinks, milk, and other beverages.

Safety Measures to be Taken

  • They are concentrated and that is why; it is advised to keep them away from children.
  • If you are allergenic to a certain aroma, then it is recommended to consult the doctor before using them.
  • Pregnant women are advised to consult the doctor before using attars.
  • Also, the heart patients are advised to consult the doctor before using attars
  • Before using any attar in any recipe, it is needed to see whether you have any allergenic problems with any particular attar or not to avoid the risk of side-effects. 

How to Store Traditional Indian Attars?

  • Attar has a permanent shelf life. 
  • Some attar even becomes stronger with time.
  • Attars even start smelling better when they become older.
  • With time, the properties of attars also enhance.
  • It is recommended to store attars in glass bottles.
  • It is also advised to keep attars away from children.

Best Traditional Indian Attars Suppliers in India

Well, after knowing such amazing things and facts about Indian Traditional Attars, the one that is needed to know and is still left is the place where to buy these natural perfumes as from the above guide, you must have an idea that only pure and natural attars should be used to get the most out of these natural substitutes. That is why; it becomes very important to find such a place that is offering good quality and naturally extracted attars. And, for this, can be the answer as this online store is one of the recognized Indian attars manufacturers that offering the customers the best quality of natural perfumes. On the site, a wide range of attars are listed from which customers can get the needed ones and that too at competitive price rates.

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Final Words

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All the points and facts listed above are only for the educational purpose and hence, before considering any of the above-listed stuff in practical life, it is advised to consult your physician for better use and to avoid any kind of risk and side-effects.

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