Top Ways through which you can Integrate Hydrosols in your Daily Lifestyle

Integrate Hydrosols in your Daily Lifestyle

People use hydrosols on a daily basis as aromatic compounds, water alternatives, and to add flavours to food. Hydrosols are manufactured through the help of steam distilling procedure which absorbs the plant’s oil-soluble nutrients and elements.

The final outcome is a large quantity of water which has a top layer of essential oils. Due to the presence of essential oils in low quantities, hydrosols are great for everyday use. What’s more, they are appropriate for individuals who are on the lookout for the therapeutic effects of essential oils.

Hydrosols as Facial Toners

By using hydrosols as facial sprays, you can drastically decrease facial redness and redness. For those who are prone to blemishes, hydrosols can promote healthy skin. Melissa and Tea Tree are two popular hydrosols which are used widely in facial toners. Other hydrosols that are famous as facial toners are Geranium and Cucumber. These are quite helpful for oily skin and help prevents the occurrence of pimples.

Hydrosols as Facial Toners

Heal Minor Cooking Burns

Hydrosols in the form of lavender and Rose are quite soothing to the skin. They can prevent the burning sensation sustained from minor burns. If you have got a small burn, unfortunately, dab cotton full of hydrosol and gently massage the area.

Heal Minor Cooking Burns

Keeps your Skin Healthy

No doubt, skin during winters may often be dry and itchy. Opting for moisturisers is one of the common remedies known to us. However, you can also use hydrosols to eliminate dryness and other issues in the skin.

Keeps your Skin Healthy

Organic hydrosols like tea tree and peppermint usually provide quick relief from winter skin problems. In case you don’t know, dry skin can also give rise to overactive oil glands and acne. If your skin is vulnerable to breakouts, nourish it with organic hydrosols. In other words, it is high time you include hydrosols in your daily skincare regime.

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Anti-inflammatory Properties of Hydrosols

Some potent anti-inflammatory hydrosols are Helichrysum and Chamomile. These types of hydrosols can be used to treat minor wounds and kill germs. Another highlighting aspect of hydrosols is their use in aromatherapy.

Anti-inflammatory Properties of Hydrosols

Hydrosols can be either warmed or chilled and are good substitutes of water for the purpose of compresses. Due to their all-round traits, they are excellent to have in your home. Hydrosols can also help you prevent insect bites and reduce stress and anxiety.

Use of Hydrosols for Culinary Purposes

Hydrosols are also widely used for their wonderful and diverse flavours in the preparation of culinary delights. But one has to be aware while using hydrosols. As they are water-based, they are more vulnerable to contamination.

Use of Hydrosols for Culinary Purposes

When improperly handled or stored, they get contaminated easily, which can be detrimental for your overall health. If you intend to use hydrosols for internal use, always buy them from a trusted source. On the other hand, if you have specific kinds of allergies, consult your doctor before using hydrosols.

What to know about Hydrosols?

Note that hydrosols should be packed in opaque and dark bottles just like essential oils. As they are sensitive to heat and light, hydrosols should be stored in a cool and dry space. Note that hydrosols are the by-products of the distillation process of the essential oils.

What to know about Hydrosols

But the best quality ones are distilled specifically for the production of hydrosols. If you want hydrosols especially for therapeutic properties, choose one which has been produced by maintaining stringent quality control.

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Hydrosols as Sprays in your Everyday Life

Quite interestingly, you can use hydrosols as sprays in your everyday life. From facial sprays to hair fragrance sprays, hydrosols have a wide variety of applications. So let’s take a glance at some of the ways you can use hydrosols as sprays.

Hydrosols as Sprays in your Everyday Life

Deodorant Spray

To help prevent body odour, you can use hydrosols as deodorants. Hydrosols that have anti-microbial properties can help prevent the growth of bacteria on your skin. This also helps in reducing body odour to a great extent.

Hydrosols as Air Fresheners

You can use hydrosols to freshen up your room. Like most other room fresheners, spray the hydrosol in your room. Try to avoid spraying directly on furniture and other wooden items. If you have pets, avoid spraying hydrosols directly on their bodies.

Use Hydrosols on Linen

You can use hydrosol sprays on your towels, sheets and other household linen. By spraying hydrosols, they can be kept fresh for long.

Hydrosols as car fresheners

Quite interestingly, you can also use hydrosols as car sprays. Spray the interior of your car with hydrosols to keep odours away. Make sure to avoid painted, polished and fragile surfaces. Nowadays, car interiors can have various types of germs. Using an anti-microbial hydrosol can effectively eliminate the manifestation of microbes in your car.

Hydrosols as Foot Sprays

You can spray hydrosols on the top and bottom of your feet to eliminate bad odours. If you wear shoes all day long, then make it a point to spray hydrosols every time. Hydrosols have antibacterial properties that can be quite helpful in minimising the foot problems. Hydrosols can also cure bacterial infections in your foot emanating from wearing shoes for longer durations.

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Reduce Stress and bring Harmony with Hydrosol Sprays

There are various shreds of evidence which suggest that hydrosols with its aromatic properties can cure stress and depression. Hydrosols like Lavender and Angelica Root can help induce a sense of calm. After a tiring day’s work, you can spray your room with hydrosols to relax properly. For people suffering from anxiety and depression, hydrosol sprays can be used effectively.

You should select a hydrosol which is prepared not as a by-product of essential oil extraction, but as the sole product for distillation. Opt for a hydrosol brand that possesses good experience in preparing hydrosols. Always remember that hydrosols contain microdroplets of essential oils at percentages well under 1%. That’s why they are completely safe and non-sensitive in nature. If you want a holistic approach to healthy living, you can try hydrosols. Integrating it in your daily life would fetch you with amazing results.

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