Let’s Know Unknown Health Benefits of Oleoresins!!


Oleoresins are also known as Balsams which are semi-solid extracts which are the composition of fatty/essential oils and resin. We all are aware of the effectiveness of Oleoresins. But there are so many other important health beneficial properties from which you may not aware of the Oleoresins. Let’s know in which diseases oleoresins can be used and which oleoresins would be the best for any particular diseases.

1. Cure colic flatulence

Oleoresins such as Cardamom and Asafoetida Oleoresins are known for the ability to treat the serious problem like colic flatulence in a trouble-free manner. These oleoresins are highly demanded in the medical industry to be added in the medicines made for the treatment of colic flatulence.

2. Joint and muscle pain 

Joint and muscle pain are one of the common diseases which you may see from teenage to old people. For treating this problem, Capsicum oleoresins are just the best solution. These oleoresins are mixed in different kinds of medical lotions and creams which are used for curing joint & muscle pain.

3. Urinary tract infections

Cassia Bark Oleoresins are ideal for treating urinary tract infections. It effectively treats this serious problem. It is mixed in various lotions and creams.

4. Treat digestive problem

Oleoresins are very good for the treatment of a digestive disorder. There are 3 popular oleoresins such as Asafoetida, Capsicum and Cassia Bark Oleoresins which are known for their ability to treat digestive problem smoothly. These oleoresins find their usefulness in the pharmaceutical industry.

5. Good for Rheumatism treatment

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Coriander oleoresins are perfect for the treatment of rheumatism treatment.

6. Lower Risk of Cancer & Diarrhea

Mace Oleoresins consider the perfect for lowering the risk of cancer and diarrhea. They prevent the growth of the cancer cells. They find their usefulness in the pharmaceutical industry and also used for the other disease.


These are some very important and effective oleoresins which would be very helpful for you. Now you know that not only natural essential oils are used for the medicinal purpose but oleoresins also play an important role in the treatment of several serious diseases. But please be careful while buying oleoresins and try to buy them from renowned & trusted supplier.

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