Let’s Pair Coming Winters with Goodness of Essential Oils!

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Winters are the best time to enjoy and have fun. Away from the sunny hot weather and sweaty days, winter is cozy and much more comfy. With the cool crisp and chilled air, snowflakes floating, and children enjoying the snow fights, this weather is the favorite of many, but not for all. Fused with this Masti and fun, there is one more thing that comes packed with this season! The problem of dry skin, chapped lips, and of course how can anyone forget about cold and flu in this time comes all together. So, if you are also planning to enjoy your winters, then revamp your daily regimen with naturally extracted essential oils that have benefits in all the above-mentioned and many more problems.

Before heading towards the benefits of essential oils for the winters, you must be thinking about what they are and why they are essential for the winters, and of course about their properties as well? So, there is no need to be worried about all the doubts floating in your head, as here is everything listed from the best online essential oils supplier in India to the type of essential oils that must be included in the list. So, dive down and find the answers now!

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the ones that are naturally extracted from the parts of the plants like roots, flowers, petals, stems to infuse the oil with the pleasant aroma that flowers have. These oils are packed with many beneficial properties like antimicrobial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, etc that make them worth considering for the treatment of many skin diseases and problems. Not only for the skin, this oil is considered helpful for curing many other problems as well.

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If you are thinking to include this oil in your skincare routine, then it becomes the most important to blend them with any carrier oil as they will neutralize its effects and will enhance its productivity. For this, there are many online stores that are the best carrier oils supplier online that offers amazing quality of natural products.

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 Why they are helpful in winters?

Winter season seems to be full of fun and enjoyment, but deep down everyone knows that they come with many diseases because of the virus present in this surrounding air. To protect ourselves from the virus infection, the medicinal properties present in the essential oils are very beneficial. The essential oil that is loaded with the antiviral properties is the one that is worth considering. That is why is said that shifting towards the aisles of natural substitutes is very necessary to cut the infection from roots.

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 How does aromatherapy work?

You must have the fact clear in your mind that every essential oil has a characteristic smell and properties that make them different from each other. This pleasant aroma is the main factor that makes them one of the main ingredients of the aromatherapy. If you are suffering from headache or body ache, then you can use essential oils for your relaxation. Either blends them with the carrier oil and massage it on your body or infected area, or you can also mix them in your bathing water to cure stress, anxiety and to life the mood. If you are suffering from cold and cough, then it is better to use a diffuser to inhale the aroma of this oil.

 Type of essential oils for winters:

Now, after gaining all this information, it becomes very necessary to give you the list of essential oils that are most effective for the chilled winter season. So, here it is:

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·         Cinnamon essential oil

·         Ginger essential oil

·         Sandalwood essential oil

·         Lavender essential oil

·         Orange essential oil

·         Peppermint essential oil

·         Clove essential oil

So, in this winter season, slow down, enjoy the cozy and chilled environment and play with the snowflakes. Rise, shine and reflect with the new sun, but don’t fall back whether it is due to cold and cough or the dry and irritated skin as Essential oils are there to help you out.

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All the information given above is only for education. Do not consider this information only a valid source to cure, treat, and prevent any disease. So, before considering any of the above-mentioned products, consult your doctor.

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