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It has been a human experience to identify and associate major events or periods in life with particular scents. An aroma has the power to recall emotions and memories. It also affects our olfactory system and in turn, influences how we think and feel. Humans try to bring pleasant or preferred fragrances to every other thing they use. They experiment with different fragrances as part of the process. In Japan, the employers put citrus scent in the morning and floral scents during midday, and cypress scent during the afternoon in office and manufacturing premises to improve the productivity of employees. And candles with the potential to spread light and aroma are no exception to this. 

Approximately 75 to 80% of candles are scented in the USA as per National Candle Association. Most of them contain a blend of synthetic fragrances and natural essential oils. The essential oil wholesale suppliers in tropical regions are capable of offering diverse fragrant natural oils. The scented candles are available with fragrances such as floral, citrus, fruity, woody, earthy, fresh, exotic, sweet, and spicy. Several luxury candles with exotic fragrances, eco-friendly precious wax, quality wicks, and elegant containers are created to provide a rich ambient experience to the consumers.

Candles are usual sights in any household or commercial space, but they catch the attention of the users if they have different structures, ways of functioning, color, and aroma.  They are made with different kinds of waxes such as paraffin, soy, palm, beeswax, bayberry, and liquid wax. Their wicks are prepared from cotton and paper core wicks, metalcore, and wood. 

Many candle manufacturers use potentially harmful ingredients such as crude oil by-products, synthetic fragrances, and colors, and lead wicks. However, environmentally conscious manufacturers use natural ingredients for color, aroma, wick, and base wax. Natural aromatic substances for candles include essential oils that sometimes impart color also besides aroma. The essential oils are available with different fragrances such as floral, citrus, fruity, woody, earthy, herbal, sweet, spicy, masculine, and other individual characteristic scents.

Different Candle Scents and Their Suitability


Floral scented ornamental candles are a great pick for the summer months. They offer a refreshing fragrance with a calming effect. The floral fragrances go well with flower arrangements in any event decoration. They are soft and relaxing and best suited for relaxation spaces such as the bathroom, bedroom besides occasional decoration. Floral candles typically contain rose jasmine, lavender, lilac, geranium, spikenard, and gardenia scents.

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Citrus fragrances are better known as elevating aromas whose spread is energizing. They work well in kitchens, office and home spaces, living rooms, hallways, and living areas. The lemony aromas uplift the mood in any season, be it winter or summer. They blow away negativity in times of depression. The major citrus essential oils used in citrus-scented candles are lemon, lime, tangerine, orange, pineapple, bergamot, grapefruit, and lemon balm.


Fruity scents are always refreshing and pleasant irrespective of time and season. They include the odors of apple, peach, strawberry, and apricot. Candles with fruity scents contain fragrance oils made with the essence.  They go well with setups of food and beverages. 


Woody aromas remind the users of natural sceneries such as greenery, riverside, and dense forests. They give the feeling of being outside of our confined spaces, in the lap of nature. The candles with woody scents help the users be at peace and grounded. The major woody oils are patchouli, cedarwood, fir, pine, cypress, sandalwood, oud, juniper, and spruce essential oils. They are quite popular among users.


Earthy scents resemble woody fragrances to some extent. However, they are better dispersed by diffusion of cedarwood, balsam, agarwood, myrrh, frankincense, ginger, and patchouli essential oils. And earthy candles do the same when they are burnt. The aroma leads towards emotional balance by harmonizing and centering the thought process.


The candles with herbal aromas are available. Their aromas make the users feel fresh and invigorated. The herbal essential oils used in the candles are eucalyptus, sage, rosemary, thyme, basil, and lemongrass. They are suitable for the spaces such as bathrooms, bedrooms, wardrobe areas, and dressing rooms.

Spicy and Sweet

Candles with sweet and spicy notes provide a cozy warm atmosphere that works well for main living areas. They contain a combination of spice and sweet aromatic compounds. The spice oils such as cinnamon, anise, clove, cardamom, pepper, and sweet-smelling essential oils such as amber, honey, and sugarcane are used in making such candles.

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Exotic scents are characteristic scents related to particular aromatic substances such as coffee, nutmeg, caramel, ginger, rosewood, and copal resin. The essential oils of such substances are incorporated into candle-making. The diffusion of such food fragrance through candles brings thoughts of indulgence and comfort and sets the background. 

How to Choose Right Scented Candles?

Consumers buy aromatic candles for home decor, stress reduction, or just aroma diffusion. While picking a scented candle, the users should take into account the size of the space, purpose, and personal preference. Sniffing the candles helps the users know the strength of a particular scented candle. The overpowering scented candles are suitable for larger spaces, while light scents are appropriate for small closed spaces. The usage of high-quality wax and essential oils ensures a strong fragrance. The burning of candles should be supported by other stuff to create the right ambiance.

How to Make Strong Scented Candles?

Adding essential oil at the right temperature in the right quantity helps make candles more fragrant. Also, it is influenced by the type of wax and wick used in the particular candle.

Our Blend-Suggestions for Differently Scented Candles

Red Currant 

The name of this scent is derived from the name of a seedless variety of grape. This scent contains aroma notes of rose, jasmine, and geranium along with lime. The candles with such scent spread punchy, zesty, sweet, and lemony aroma with light. They are excellent for beauty and hair salons as well as spas. Besides, they can be placed in bath stores, lobbies of corporate offices, or reception areas.

Refreshing Aquatic 

Hyacinth has been a treasured and most preferred scent of Victorians owing to its sweet and lingering notes. And, Water Lily essential oil adds its slightly sweet and lemony fragrance to it. The combination of both these fragrances brings long-lasting sweet citrus fruity notes with a touch of vanilla. Candles with such scents are perfect for gift shops for water-surfing products.

Lingering Mystic

This scent combines the fragrances of sandalwood and patchouli. Sandalwood essential oil offers a rich deep sweet lingering woody fragrance, while patchouli adds a velvety and sensual tone to it. Such scented candles entice both the sexes, they are excellent for romantic dates. However, marketers use it aptly for male grooming products and toiletries counters. The essential oils such as myrrh, frankincense, agarwood, and copal resin can equally serve the purpose in place of sandalwood oil.

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Meditative scents are a combination of citrus and vanilla notes. Meditative candles contain grapefruit or lemon essential oil and vanilla essential oil. Grapefruit or lemon essential oils bring fresh energizing elevating fragrance notes, while vanilla oil brings sweet musky comforting and stabilizing notes in such scents meant for candles. They are perfect for meditation, study, book stores, and yoga classes. The users can experiment with different essential oils in the citrus category and personalize the scent.


Masculine scent involves the blending of smoky, leathery, or tenacious aroma notes, citrus, and stabilizing earthy or sweet notes. The candles with scents contain birch tar, cade, thyme, spice essential oils for manly fragrance notes, and bergamot, lime, bitter orange, citronella for citrus notes. The grounding notes are provided by patchouli, copaiba, hinoki, cedarwood, and myrrh essential oils.

Many diverse combinations of scents are possible for adding aroma to the candles. As per a study, more than 10,000 diverse candle scents are available in the US market. The scented candle manufacturers can obtain a variety of essential oils from organic essential oil manufacturers with a wide range of products in tropical regions such as India. It will pave the way for making distinctly scented candles.

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