Hydrosols – The Purest Form of Nature’s Bounty!

Have a Glance at Range of Hydrosols,  Uses, Properties and Benefits Hydrosols refer to floral or herbal waters. They are useful natural by-products produced during the steam distillation process of the plant parts (i.e., leaves, stems, roots, flowers, peels, or berries) for extracting essential oil. When the vapor cools, it becomes hydrosol. They are not […]

10+ Hydrosols worth Considering to Boost Daily Winter Care Regimen!

With the cold wind blowing and the snowflakes floating, winter is slowly and steadily knocking the door and saying that it’s time to say summery vibes a big goodbye and so to the summer care routine and shake hands with the winter essentials. For gingering up the routine be it about skincare or daily health […]

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