What are The Most Effective Ways to Extend the Shelf Life of Essential Oils?

Shelf Life of Essential Oils

With time, people are becoming more inclined to alternative medicines, primarily owing to their effectiveness and zero side effects. In recent decades, the usage of a wide range of essential oils has increased significantly all over the world. People use essential oils for a variety of purposes, including aromatherapy and curing of certain ailments. However, it is advisable to contact and take your healthcare provider’s opinion before you begin using these aromatic oils.

While you will make a purchase of essential oils, you will be told rather assured that these oils won’t expire even if you don’t use them frequently. However, do not fall for such words because the truth is that essential oils do expire over time despite having a shelf life. You should also remember that essential oils start oxidizing, deteriorating, and losing their usefulness if you do not use them for an extended period. You will harm your skin tremendously if you use any such oils after the expiry.

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Read on to acquire comprehensive knowledge about the main reason behind the expiry of essential oils and top ways to extend some valuable essential oils’ shelf life.

Factors Responsible for the Expiry of Essential Oils

The oxidation process starts taking place the very moment one opens a new bottle containing essential oils because of the presence of oxygen in the air. The oxygen bonds between cells transformed into carbon bonds owing to the oxidation process. Besides oxygen, the actual composition of essential oil also starts changing once it comes in close proximity to light and heat. Once essential oils get exposed to light and heat, both their strength and efficacy get deteriorated.

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To safeguard the expensive oils, manufacturers or suppliers pour and sell such beneficial oils in amber-coloured bottles. There is no better alternative to darker glass when it comes to protecting essential oils’ effectiveness for a longer time.

You should keep in mind that similar to food products, essential oils won’t spoil, but they do deteriorate over time if you keep them as it is without making any use. When you know that you haven’t used a specific essential oil for quite a few months, do not inhale or apply it on the skin to determine whether or not it is in a condition to using anymore.

Things to Consider When Determining the Expiry of Essential Oils

When essential oils become oxidized, they lose their strength and usefulness and even become unsafe for further use. It is essential to determine whether an essential oil is expired or not before using it. Hence, what you can do is write the date on the label of a new container of essential oil when you first open it.

You must not forget that with oxidization and degradation, essential oils lose the distinct aroma. On opening the cap of the glass container, if you get a different smell, know that the particular essential isn’t in a usable condition.

There are some essential oils, especially the citrus ones, become cloudy over time due to oxidization. You won’t have any problem determining whether or not a particular essential oil is expired when you check its clarity and color against a spec sheet.

Worthwhile Tips to Maximize the Shelf Life of Essential Oils

Aside from the price, the shelf life of one essential oil also varies from the other. If you do not use your essential oils for quite a few weeks or months, they will expire and no longer can you use them to reap benefits. Therefore, you need to use each of the oils you own before they go past their shelf life. You can also learn and implement a few strategies to extend the shelf life of your essential oils. Read the following to obtain vital information about the top ways to increase your essential oils’ shelf life in a successful way.

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Minimize exposure to oxygen

Wondering how to reduce the possibilities of your essential oils from coming in close contact with oxygen? All you need to make sure is that the cap of the container of essential oil is not off for a long time. The oxidation process does not take place when the cap is on the maximum of the time. If you take care of it while you open an essential oil bottle to use it, you will certainly be able to keep all your essential oils potent and aromatic.

Store in a cool & dark place

Retaining the effectiveness and increasing the shelf life of essential oils can be done easily if you keep away all bottles containing different types of essential oils from light and heat. You should keep the bottles in a dry, dark, and cool place. It could be in a cabinet placed in your bedroom or body care items storing cabinet in your bathroom. Just make sure that the place is not much exposed to light and heat. To ensure more protection to your essential oils against oxidation, use containers made from dark-coloured glass. Only when essential oils come in contact with air, components that are volatile lose from the solution, and the efficacy deteriorates.

Store in a cool & dark place

Maintenance of the right temperature

You can virtually double the shelf life of essential oils if you keep maintaining the temperature of the place where you store the bottles containing essential oils. High temperature and exposure to sunlight or artificial light for a longer time cause oxidation and impact an essential oil’s shelf life. The right temperature to store essential oils is anywhere between 36-40 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Use smaller and darker glass bottles

Smaller and darker glass containers are instrumental in maximizing the shelf life of essential oils remarkably. You can minimize the chances of oxygen getting trapped in a container when its size is small and eventually prevent oxidation.

You won’t have any problem using your essential oils for a bit longer time and reap several health benefits if you consider and apply the useful tips mentioned above that help you extend the shelf life of Natural essential oils.

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