Why Spice Oils Are Suitable For Winters? 5 Prominent Oils for This Season!

Spice Oils

With the onset of winters, comes not only the fun of making snowmen and excitement of catching snowflakes but the fear not to fall ill. It is indeed a fact that the human body grow week in winters and thus, some extra source is needed to improve the metabolism and immunity against the infections and winter-borne diseases. That is why, instead of taking help from the medicines, it is better to switch to the aisles of naturally extracted spice oils that will not only improve the well-being but also solve many skin and health-related problems.

Listening to the term Spice oils, many of you must be having many questions related to the same. So, here are some of the commonly asked questions and their concerned answers that will help in understanding the oils in a clearer manner. So, let us have a look:

What are Spice Oils?

Spice oils are basically spice derivatives that are extracted from the natural and raw spices by the process of steam distillation followed by solvent extraction. Because of the volatile compounds present in these spice oils, the aroma they have is very strong and beneficial. That is the reason they also make a crucial part of aromatherapy.

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Why they are considered beneficial for winters?

Winter season is one of the most daunting seasons that steps in with fun and enjoyment, but also with various infections hand in hand. But, when you switched to the world of natural spice oils, then there is nothing to be worried about as including these natural home remedies in the daily routine will help the body to withstand winters in many ways. The reasons that make spice oils this beneficial are:

  • They prevent inflammation
  • Boost the immune system
  • Control sugar level
  • Relieve Nausea
  • Soothe body pain
  • Improve heart health
  • Reduce cramps
  • Kill infectious bacteria and viruses
  • Treats cough, cold, and headache
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Types of Spice Oils one can go with for making winters happy and healthy:

After hearing so much about these natural spice oils, it’s time to know what are the types of oils that one can go with to revamp the daily winter regimen. So, here is a list given below:

(1.) Aniseed Spice Oil

Looking for oil to cure winter diseases and infections? Then, the Aniseed can be your ultimate option to go with. Loaded with anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, this amazing oil has compounds that help cure cough and cold and also prevent flu and infections.

(2.) Black Pepper Spice Oil

You must have those memories when your mom used to give you tea with black pepper in it to reduce cough, cold, and headache. The reason behind this is that the black pepper spice is packed with antiviral properties that help in killing infectious bacteria and viruses causing infections. Now, the same benefits can be seen in the small bottle of Black pepper spice oil. This oil is a well-known ingredient in the chilly winter season.

(3.) Cardamom Spice Oil

Cardamom spice not only has a place to sit in the kitchen selves. It is very beneficial for promoting wellness in winters. Including this oil in the daily regimen will boost the immune health and metabolism and will also aid in digestive system functioning.

(4.) Cassia Spice Oil

The characteristic aroma of this spice oil not only uplifts the mood and the surrounding atmosphere in the drowsy and lazy chilled winter days but also promotes emotional health with its calming and soothing properties. Including this oil will help in making your winter holidays amazing and healthy.

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(5.) Clove Spice Oil

Loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties paired with antiviral, and antibacterial properties as well, this one of the most popular spice oil helps relieve the joint pain, muscle pain, cough, cold, and fever that are the major diseases of the winter season. Including clove oil in your winter care regimen will surely ease your winter days and nights both.

How to use Spice Oils?

It is very easy to use spice oils in day-to-day life. One only needs to follow some basic precautions and hey! You are ready to use naturally extracted oils for the treatment of your skin, hair, or health-related problems.

So, let us check the ways in which these oils can be used efficiently:

  • The simplest way to use these oils is to inhale them. One can do this either through the bottle or with the help of a diffuser.

  • One can also use inhale the beneficial aroma of these spice oils with the help of steam inhalation. This can also be done with the help of cotton balls or some fabric. One can also mix these oils to a bowl of boiling water and can take steam.

  • Dilute the oil with carrier or base oil to reduce its concentration and then apply it on the infected area for the better result.

  • To soothe the body pain, use these oils by mixing a few drops in the lukewarm bathing water.

  • The spice oils can also be used with a humidifier for amazing results.

  • These spice oils can be sprayed on the pillow before sleeping for sound sleep.


The above-mentioned is the complete guide that one can consider for the benefits of spice oils to solve day-to-day winter-related problems and issues one is going through. Just include any of your favorite oil from the mentioned ones and enjoy every moment of this heavenly season with ample satisfaction and that too without having to take any medicine. Now, one more thing that is needed to be taken care of is the quality of the oils that you are going to use as the inappropriate oil will have severe worse impacts on the condition of the skin. So, it is better to use good quality of oils always. For this, one can consider Aromaazinternational.com, an online store of natural substitutes offering bulk essential oils wholesale at a reasonable price range so that one can have as many oils as they want.


Every sort of information given above is only for knowledge purposes. Before taking any of the listed measures into consideration for the use in daily life, it’s better to consult your doctor first for better results and treatment. 

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